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Silicone Catch Bib

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"When meal time is almost near,

and the cleaning brings you fear,

this will save you i promise mum,

our empire bib will catch the crumb"

We at Baby Empire know what the aftermath of a feed can look like, your bub has fed the floor and their clothes more than they have eaten. That is why this clever deigned reusable bib with a catch compartment will catch what doesn't make it to your bubs mouth. They will even eat what is in there, so that means you can save your food as well as your floor. Made from food grade, non stainable silicone, it is easy to clean, put it in the dishwasher or even run it warm soapy water with a little scrub and food comes off with very little effort. Our silicone products are waterproof, so it will be dry in no time. With a wide variety of colors to choose from our bib will definitely make meal time less stressful and fun for both parents and their little angels.


👼 Made with 100% premium food grade silicone.

👼 Waterproof, & Stain resistant.

👼 BPA, Latex, Phthalate, Odour and bacteria free

👼 Microwave, Frezzer & Dishwasher safe on top shelf,

* Please ensure you wash any silicone feeding products with warm soapy water BEFORE use.

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